Case Study

Partnered with Creole Studios an app development company. They wanted a classic Android lollipop user interface for the heart rate screen. 

My Role

Wireframing, Convert flow into meaningful UI, High fidelity mock ups, Worked with developers to implement my designs, QA on design elements. Prototyping animation for reference.


Photoshop, Sketch, Pixate, Balsamiq mockups and Skala View


The login screen for users to log in their profile. So they can track their daily heart rate.

Take Test

App asks the user to put their finger on camera and flashlight will turn on for a test session.

In Session

 Shows up once user place finger properly. It shows live data of your heartbeat.


This screen shows how good is your heart rate test. It gives feedback to the user with illustration.


Keep track of your daily, monthly and yearly taken test session in organized graph.


Clean and intuitive way to control the app with minimum information.

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