Redesign concept of platform from ground-up

It was requested from Gumroad founder Sahil Lavingia

The challenge was to showcase how Gumroad improve their current platform to encourage bring more new creators. How to improve their current platform user experience and user interface to bring maximum engagement of customers and creators.

Current Gumroad

Redesign of Marketplace

Gumroad Marketplace redesign for more engagement. Refresh looks helps users to explore information more quickly.

Old internal product
internal page

gumroad internal product page

Solution redesign of
internal product page

Flow for creating new product

1) Apps: This might be a game-changer for creators. I got inspired by the Shopify feature. Apps integration helps creators to bring new tools and ease their lives.

2) To solve overwhelming feeling and bring back the excitement to creators we have breakdown the product filling info into steps.

3) Each step helps us to consume little data. Which also encourages creators to fill it quickly.

4) Each step has a progress bar on top below the header. That helps them get a glimpse of how many steps left to complete product creation.

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